ET Case 2405428/2016 #PeacefulProtest #HearingsNOTrecordedforaReason

Miss Paczkowska v R-Com Consulting Limited

+2402211/2019 Constructive dismissal

Employment Tribunal claim launched 03 Dec 2016 Hearing 3-5 Sep 2018 (Panel took 3h reading time , judgment given 11 months later thanks to Peninsula postponement) Written Judgment 01 Aug 2019!Two Claims won.

Claimant had 8 witnesses to cross-examine…unrepresented and in psychological turmoil

For upheld Victimisation never seen a remedy! #PUNISHMENT

Appeal Hearing 19 Aug 2020! Appeal Notice OF 55 pages

EAT identified 6 errors in ET Manchester Judgment


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Whilst Mr Jackson may well have stretched and shown his bare biceps we do not find that when so doing he had the purpose of violating the claimant’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for her. If the claimant did have such feelings then taking into account the perception of the claimant and the other circumstances of the case, principally Mr Jackson being dressed in a t-shirt on a dress down Friday and stretching his arms, we would not consider it reasonable for his conduct to have had such an effect on the claimant.

In Zarina G. evidence we’ve heard, and even seen her upbeat demonstration of man kissing his bare biceps saying :

welcome to the guns shop’.

(…)we would not consider it reasonable for the claimant to have felt harassed by this conduct.

We are not satisfied that (…)in the circumstances it was reasonable for the claimant to feel uncomfortable.

(…)we cannot be satisfied that there was any intention on the part of Mr Jackson to harass the claimant, and looking at the claimant’s perception and the other circumstances we do not consider it reasonable

DID YOU INVESTIGATE (SEXUAL HARASSMENT) E-MAILS* at the time of the grievance?
*E-mails evidence was wiped out within a month by the Respondent without consequences
PH 16 Mar 2018
EAT 24 Feb 2020
PH 16 Mar 2018

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