In the Supreme Court

Statutory framework: Affecting wider group of EU Citizens and disabled Claimants Badgering of a disabled witness, unrepresented Claimant Inequality of Arms HMCTS Statistics – 2% to 3% race discrimination success rate in a decade! There were 3599 race discrimination cases – Total number of receipts by jurisdiction, 1 April 2018 – 31st March2019. Further 3967Continue reading “In the Supreme Court”

Appeal 2405428/2016 Judgment

Notice of Appeal from Decision of Employment Tribunal 1. The appellant is (name and address of appellant). KATARZYNA PACZKOWSKA 2. Any communication relating to this appeal may be sent to the appellant at (appellant’s address for service, including telephone number if any). 3. The appellant appeals from (here give particulars of the judgment, decision orContinue reading “Appeal 2405428/2016 Judgment”