Equality employment complains to EU Commission 2014-07.2019YTD

DOC:BRUSSELS,17.1.2014, COM(2014)2 FINAL{SWD(2014)5 FINAL} in State of Transposition and Infringement Procedures 2nd para: ‘The Commission receives a number of complaints every year concerning these Directives(around 20-30 on average)” -Racial Equality Directive and Employment Equality Directive. Ref. Ares(2019)6482882 – 21/10/2019 The letter in the last column in the list shows the grounds why the Commission rejectedContinue reading “Equality employment complains to EU Commission 2014-07.2019YTD”

Appeal 2405428/2016 Judgment

Notice of Appeal from Decision of Employment Tribunal 1. The appellant is (name and address of appellant). KATARZYNA PACZKOWSKA 2. Any communication relating to this appeal may be sent to the appellant at (appellant’s address for service, including telephone number if any). 3. The appellant appeals from (here give particulars of the judgment, decision orContinue reading “Appeal 2405428/2016 Judgment”

Letter to the Employment Appeal Tribunal 09 Jul 2020

To: Employment Appeal Tribunal     By e-mail:eatassociates@justice.gov.uk, eatgeneral@justice.gov.uk   Miss K Paczkowska Date: 09 07 2020 Case Number: 2402211/2019     Miss K Paczkowska UKEATPA/0749/19/LA   v       R-Com Consulting Limited Dear Sirs, I am writing in regards to the Appeal above from 05 Aug 2019. I have not received a decisionContinue reading “Letter to the Employment Appeal Tribunal 09 Jul 2020”


CASE NO.2405428/16 Direct discrimination cannot be justified. House of Lords in Ahsan v Watt (formerly Carter) S. 112 of Equality Act2010. It is unlawful to knowingly help someone to discriminate against, harass or victimise another person or to knowingly help to instruct, cause or induce discrimination. In Anyanwu and another v South Bank Syudent’s UnionContinue reading “CLAIMANT CASE LAW IN SUPPORT OF CLOSING STATEMENT 05 SEP 2018”